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Hardigg Cases
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Interior customization Water jet cut foam, mounting plates & more




SuperMAC BlackBoxProRackSingle Lid CaseField Desks

  • Tested beyond the limits of ordinary shipping cases.  Hardigg cases are certified MIL- SPEC.      
  •           The ultimate case built by Hardigg & tested my the US Military.
  • Key Benefits

    bulletWaterproof & airtight
    bulletDust tight
    bulletDesigned in durability for the military
    bulletCustomize foam inserts
    bulletEquipment deck mounting cases
    bulletGun cases
    bulletPanel mounts
    bulletVast array of options & hardware
    bullet& more

    To see brochures of sizes available and options click the link below

    Single Lid Case    Single lid cases click            Classsic Rack   Hardigg Classic rack cases

    SuperMAC    Hardigg- Super Mac                 MAC rack    Hardigg- Mac Racks

    ProRack  Rackmount Case       Hardigg- Pro Racks                    Hardigg Flangemount Case, panel-mounted equipment protection    Hardigg- Flange Mount

     Hardigg Deck Cases    Hardigg- Deck mount    Hardigg Skid-Mates    Hardigg- Skid Mates

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